Best Prometric Coaching Centre in Bangalore

Best Prometric Coaching Centre in Bangalore

Nurses Academy is a Best Prometric Coaching Centre In Bangalore. Prometric is a U.S company in the test administration industry, Prometric operates a test center network composed of thousands of sites in 160 countries. Prometric exam, a competition based test, is the popular narration for Saudi, Qatar, & Oman licensing exams. Prometric is an independent testing provider for educational testing services. Prometric coaching for nurses is being carried out in a professional way by expert faculties of Nurses Academy. Regular course duration for Prometric coaching is 30 to 45 working days. Prometric Coaching Centre in Bangalore for nurses is scheduled for a period of 45, 30, 15 & 5 days. We offer courses for Saudi Prometric, Qatar Prometric & Oman Prometric.

Regular course duration is 30 to 45 working days. Interested students can opt for CRASH course, which is an intensive training program designed for 5 days. CRASH course helps to refresh what they have learned and to approach the licensing exam with confidence. Computer based exams, online questions & answer practicing, mock test, enough MCQ books for reference are the specialties in Nurses Academy. These facilities help the candidates to become fully confident before appearing the licensing online exam.

Online Exam Scheduling and Dataflow

Dataflow & Exam scheduling are also being done on behalf of Medical & Allied health qualified candidates such as Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Pharmacists, Radiographers and Medical laboratory technicians, Dental technicians etc.

Method of Training

Prometric is a test based on nursing theory it assesses skills in nursing on professional contest. Our training comprises Preparation level Class and Intensive level Class (Crash Batch).

  • Preparation level

New students joined provided preparation class for familiarizing them to Saudi/Qatar ministry of health Registered Nurse Examination. During this period students will get detailed training in the entire nursing subject focused on examination.

  • Intensive Level

After preparation stage, the students will start Intensive training according to Saudi/Qatar –Registered Nurse Exam system. We use computerized online training and in this class students are given training used on numerous questions prepared from nursing books and journals. Students have to answer these questions themselves and get improved in exam contest. But Students unable to give answer or find answers will get additional training and advise and thus they become qualified for exam. Candidates will have model tests similar to the Saudi/Qatar –Registered Nurse Exam. The results are given according to the Saudi/Qatar –Registered Nurse Exam system. Students are given correction and assessment after their test and provided care and attention on modules they find difficult. Once the candidates obtain a required score that is stable during all the tests, the trainer will advise him/her to apply for the exam.

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